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Special Offer. Kindle Countdown.

Sunday’s Child a Regency Novel by Rosemary Morris is available from www.amazon.co.uk for £0.99p from the 14th March to the 21st March.



Sunday’s Child is sensual but contains no explicit sex.


5.0 out of 5 starsA Sprightly Regency Romance

By Lindsay Townsend on 7 March 2017

Format: Kindle Edition


“When Georgianne, the appealing, enterprising heroine of ‘Sunday’s Child’ first encounters Rupert Tarrant, she is fourteen. Georgianne thinks even then the tall, blond handsome soldier is the kind of man she hopes to marry one day. At seventeen, when they meet again, Georgianne is in mourning for her brothers and father, lost in the Napoleonic wars. She is now wary of becoming romantically involved with a military man, despite the limited life that an unmarried woman is forced to lead in the 1800s. However, as the novel superbly shows, a young woman without a father or brother to protect her interests is vulnerable to predatory males. None is more predatory than Lord Pennington, a truly odious Earl, whose relentless pursuit of Georgianne is aided by the conventions and morals of the time. Rupert Tarrant meanwhile is haunted by the violent death of his betrothed and is torn between remaining single to grieve and marrying to provide an heir to his recently acquired estate. That Georgianne and Tarrant should marry – she for protection, he for an heir – seems an ideal compromise. But what chance is there for love to grow between them? This is a flowing romance, full of intrigue and incident, with rich details of Regency fashion, food and furniture. There are frost fairs and Nabobs, Lord Byron’s poetry, kidnappers and ruffians, attempted blackmail and a heroine who can shoot. The whole convenient marriage trope is treated with tender realism. With their careful treatment of each other and their striving to understand their differing experiences, Georgianne and Tarrant thoroughly deserve their eventual happy ever after. A sweet treat.”

Rosemary Morris

Multi-Published Historical Novelist


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Who Are They?

Apart from waking up in the morning with the idea for the next chapter of Wednesday’s Child, in the past previously unknown characters have woken me up at night.
The first, a lady laying in a tester bed, who said to her husband. “Charles, war is so cruel.” I think she referred to the English Civil War. Is she a royalist?
The second is a dark-haired early 18th century young man with laughing eyes called Dominic. He insists I take him shopping at The Royal Exchange in London. Imagine a shopping mall in Queen Anne’s Stuart’s reign 1702-1704 crowded with small shops.

What Will Happen Next in Wednesday;s Child

After I wrote 65,000 words of Wednesday’s Child, Heroine’s born on different days of the week Book 3, without using scenarios from my previous novels – at a ball, at a picnic etc., – I didn’t know how to move  the story forward. So, while trying to decide, in order not to waste time, I’ve been editing my medieval novel.

Last night, when I woke at 2.15 I knew how to begin the next chapter. I turned the light on, grabbed a notepad and pen then wrote for half an hour.


Special Offer. Kindle Countdown. Tangled Love

Tangled Love, a *5 early 18th century fact fiction, romance, mystery and suspense by Rosemary Morris is on a kindle countdown special offer from the 18th February to the 25th February from:


https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tangled-Love-ebook/dp/B01LZRP7AE £0.99p.




https://www.amazon.com/Tangled-Love-ebook/dp/B01LZRP7AE $1.24.


Tangled Love set in England in 1706, during Queen Anne Stuart’s reign, the story of a daughter’s sacred oath to her father, a Jacobite, two great estates, duty, betrayal and passionate love.

Tangled Love is sensual but contains no explicit sex.