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Whispers from Yesteryear

Whispers from Yesteryear by Janet Lane Walters is the novel I most enjoyed reading this year. The tale slips backward and forward from 1755 to July 2017. The past cast long shades over the lives of twin girls in their next reincarnation and those of those they knew in the past. The author led me by the hand through the ups and downs of their lives. Engrossed in the twins story I finished reading it in less than twenty-four hours desperate to find out how the havoc wrought by a heartless villain was resolved.

Available from as an e-book and a paperback from amazon and as an e-book from Barnes and Noble, Good Reads, Smash Words and elsewhere



Kindle Countdown Valentine’s Day Special Offer Far Beyond Rubies

Far Beyond Rubies, a *5 early 18th century romance, mystery and suspense by Rosemary Morris is on a kindle countdown special offer from 11th to 16th February from: for £0.99p

and for $1

“In 1706 when Gervaise, who has returned from India, sees Juliana for the first time, he recognises her, but not from this lifetime…”

Far Beyond Rubies contains no explicit sex.