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Lady of Cassio

Lady of Cassio

Yvonne, Lady of Cassio

I am looking forward to the e-publication of my new novel Yvonne, Lady of Cassio, The Lovages of Cassio Volume One by Books We Love on the 9th May, 2017.

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When Yvonne and Elizabeth, daughters of ruthless Simon Lovage, Earl of Cassio, are born under the same star to different mothers, no one could have foretold their lives would be irrevocably entangled.

Against the background of Edward II’s turbulent reign,  Yvonne, Lady of Cassio, contains imaginary and historical characters.

It is said the past is a foreign country in which things were done differently. Nevertheless, although that is true of attitudes, such as those towards women and children, our ancestors were also prompted by ambition, anger, greed, jealousy, humanity, duty, loyalty, unselfishness and love.

From early childhood, despite those who love her and want to protect her, Yvonne is forced to face difficult economic, personal and political circumstances, during a long, often bitter struggle.

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Yvonne, Lady of Cassio

Phew! I worked very hard this morning preparing a form for my medieval novel, Yvonne, Lady of Cassio, to send to my publisher Books We Love Ltd.

Long hours on the laptop or the computer are hard on the back. Yesterday, the tens machine I ordered from Boots the chemist arrived. It’s very powerful with lots of options. One session with it got rid of a nagging pain I’ve suffered from for a couple of weeks. The machine can also be used on feet, arms, legs etc.

I’m now going to buy a pair of Wellington boots which I will probably need on holiday for walks along the beach.