About Rosemary Morris


Rosemary Morris lives in a town in Southeast England with easy access to London and open countryside. Her Literary/Romantic Historical fiction is set in England during the reigns of Edward II, Queen Anne Stuart 1702-1714, and the ever-popular Regency era. She explores themes 21st century people can relate to e.g., a soldier suffering from posttraumatic syndrome before the condition was recently diagnosed, a young woman seeking her birth parents, and a city on the verge of war. At heart Rosemary is a historian. Her novels are meticulously researched to capture times past – speech, fashion, food, customs and much more. Her novels are sensual, but with firmly-closed bedroom doors, the reader can relish the details of emerging romances.
When Rosemary is not engrossed researching historical non-fiction, she is reading fiction, writing, or engaged in ‘writerly’ activities. She enjoys time spent with her family and friends, knitting, growing her own in her organic garden and putting it to good use in her vegetarian cuisine.