Tangled Love – Review

Tangled Love – Reviews

A worthy successor to the legendary Georgette Heyer

Review By Robbi Perna, Ph.D. – Author and Lecturer
Tangled Love (Kindle Edition)

I purchased Ms. Morris’s 18th century historical romance from Amazon U.S. and found it a delightful read, well-grounded in detailed research of the period that provides a rich background to the story. She has interwoven the historical details with a skill that gives the reader a visual backdrop that unfolds in concert with the plot line without making the story read like a dissertation of the Jacobean rebellion. The dialog moves the story along at a pace reminiscent of a well-written stage production. Unlike some other historical authors, Ms. Morris has struck a perfect balance between the stilted grammar and vocabulary conventions of the period and modern conversation that makes reading the interaction among the characters pleasant to read. I recommend “Tangled Love” for anyone who wants an enjoyable story that also provides an intriguing look at a very complicated period of history in the British Isles.

Wonderful historical romance

Review by Kate Gardener

“In this tale of duty, honour and betrayal, Rosemary Morris evokes the sights, the sounds, the smells of 17th century London. The gorgeous clothes, the food and drink, and the manners of the day are perfectly researched and help bring the story to vibrant life”. Richelda is a spirited and likeable heroine who, bound by an oath she made as a child, must make her way through a tangle of dramatic events to find the happiness she deserves. This is a wonderful read. I urge you to buy it.

‘Tangled Love’ has a loveable heroine in Richelda and a commanding hero. Throughout their time together they share many adventures and Richelda must mature a little, learn to see who she can trust and who is worthy of her love. Can she rely on her childhood sweetheart Dudley or the worldly Alban? Her choice is important, a matter of life and death.

Set during a time of religious turmoil in England, ‘Tangled Love’ is a worthy historical novel as well as a fast-paced romance. Through its pages the reader learns of the social and divisions of faith during the time of Queen Anne and is shown the very limited destinies available to women at the time. There is also a mystery here concerning possible secret, hidden treasure and a lively sub-plot involving a second romance between two of the subsidiary characters.

This is a well-written story, full of twists and turns. The romance is at all times realistic and shown from both the heroine’s and hero’s POV, something I always enjoy. Overall the novel is almost Gothic at times, with its secret priest holes, treasure, family obligations and secrets and its dangerous, unstable villain. Very enjoyable