Sunday’s Child – Review

Sunday’s Child – Reviews

Review of the 1st edition of Sunday’s Child (e-publication)

Review By J. Pittman “Maythorn” (Hertfordshire, England)

I was looking forward to another novel from Rosemary Morris and this one I couldn’t put down. The author seems to have found her voice in this story which is set just after the Napoleonic Campaign. The story deals with the coming-of-age of Georgianne Whitley, bereft after the loss of her beloved father to gangrene, coping with her drunken mother and protectress of her younger sisters.

In keeping with the times, Georgianne knows it’s her duty to make a good marriage and get her sisters out of their uncomfortable existence, but is hampered by the gruesome old man she’s expected to wed, and the knowledge that the girls’ dowry has all but disappeared.

This novel does not flinch from the realities of Regency times but in spite of that has a light and amusing style, with some parts that are near hilarious. Rosemary paints the more repulsive characters particularly well and is great at describing food and clothing. Her heroine is truly a character, a young woman with both passion and compassion. As for the hero,lovely- I wouldn’t send him back to the war in a hurry.

Review of Sunday’s Child 1st edition (e-publication)

Review by Bookwormvlm “V. L.(Lynne) Murray” (Surrey,B.C.)

This book was my first exposure to the Regency period in print and so I was really captivated by the wonderful descriptions of the clothes and the amazing details of language and behaviour. Georgianne Whitley, the main character, is only 18 years old but already she is exhibiting a strength of character and behaviour of a mature adult. She must fight to survive and watch over her younger sisters and widowed mother. Ms. Morris can really create nasty villains who come to life before your eyes. And Major Tarrant, of course, will rival any romantic hero of our time. The twists and turns of the plot, the misunderstandings and the simmering emotions lurking just beneath the surface of the two main characters, keep you reading to the end and never wanting it to finish. I understand there will be more in this series. I can’t wait! I give it five stars all the way.

Super book, well-crafted, wonderful descriptions, very intricate plot and amazingly accurate language of the time. I can’t recommend this book enough. You’ll love it!